Nital starts the distribution of Jackery portable power stations in Italy

Nital avvia la distribuzione delle power station portatili Jackery in Italia thumbnail

Nital announces that he has tightened a new partnership with Jackery, based on the distribution in Italia of the devices of the Californian company. We are talking about a very important company, nominated a few months ago by the prestigious Forbes as the “Apple of portable power stations“, as well as being one of the largest manufacturers of transportable solar panels in the world.

There are two product categories that will be offered on the Italian market: the power station eh solar panels.

Nital will distribute Jackery’s Explorer portable power stations and SolarSaga solar panels

Since 2016 Jackery has designed a wide range of products with the intention of satisfying the needs of travellers, outdoor e professionals who need to constantly have energy “at hand”.

In a constant crescendo of successes, in 2018 Jackery presented its series of portable solar panels: i SolarSaga.

From there the rise to premium global brand, thanks to the guarantees of safety, stability and efficiency of its products. These features have contributed to making SolarSaga the best-selling panels in the world (we are talking about more than 2 million of units sold), at least according to the data of Euromonitor of August 2022.

What the Jackery distribution in Italy will include

Overall, the range of Jackery products distributed in Italy by Nital will consist of five portable power stations e three portable solar panels. Below are the names and their recommended prices to the public.

As regards the portable power plants we find:

Explorer 240with a price of €299;

Explorer 500with a price of 659€;

Explorer 1000with a price of €1,249;

Explorer 1000 Prowith a price of €1,299;

Explorer 2000with a price of €2,299.

For i portable solar panels:

SolarSaga 80with a price of €249;

SolarSaga 100with a price of €329;

SolarSaga 200with a price of 699€.

For more information on Jackery products you can click on the following link.

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