Nital turns thirty and gives itself a new logo

Nital turns thirty and gives itself a new logo

NNital, the distribution company of the Nikon brand, turns thirty and gives itself a new logo

In April 1991 a new company was born in Turin with the task of distributing the prestigious Japanese photographic brand Nikon in Italy: Nital SpA.

The company from its first steps already possessed the know-how to establish itself, belonging to the Fowa Group and thus being able to take advantage of the experience and facilities of a company that had already specialized in the distribution of leading brands on the Italian photographic market since the post-war period.

Nital has always proved to be a company capable of grasping the needs and trends of the market, identifying the segments on which to operate with determination in order to achieve leadership in terms of sales and services.

Nital celebrates 30 years and renews the logo after 7 years

Today Nital turns 30: an important birthday that the company intends to celebrate also with the presentation of the restyling of its company logo, 7 years after its last revision. The new logo will also have a special edition dedicated specifically to the 30th anniversary.

Nital turns thirty and gives itself a new logo

The process of “updating” a logo is not easy, especially when the latter is not linked to the production of physical goods but to the provision of services. This is the case of Nital which, although “only” importing and distributing many hi-tech brands, after 30 years of activity is still widely recognized as an important protagonist of the Italian technology market. Its logo, well known to operators and customers, does not want to be simply the visual aspect of the company but, for the dynamic Turin reality, represents a more complex value, capable of defining its intrinsic values ​​and its history.

In its new graphic form, the Nital logo is softened and made more current, confirming the company’s continuous search for modern elements and its unstoppable propensity towards the future.; the red dot, introduced 7 years ago, proposes again, where possible, the dates (19) 58 – (19) 91, to indicate the belonging of Nital (founded in 1991) to the group of companies led by the progenitor Fowa, born in 1958.