No more clickbait articles in Artifact – you can report them from within the app

Artifact, l'app di notizie basata sull'intelligenza artificiale, è disponibile per tutti thumbnail

Artifactthe news app created by the founders of Instagram and powered by artificial intelligence, now lets you report clickbait articles.

In fact, the latest update offers users a feedback tool, which allows them to assign a rating to the news. The scoring system will obviously be an integral part of the algorithm. Therefore, if you report a piece of news as clickbait or misleading, the app will tend to penalize it in terms of exposure.

Here’s how Artifact explained the new feature in a blog post:

“We have launched a ranking system, so that we can prioritize useful articles over those that are misleading for the community”.

How Artifact will handle articles with clickbait titles

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To start, Artifact will monitor the most reported items and will decide what to do in response. The penalties are varied and range from reducing the distribution of an article in feeds (like a sort of shadowban) alla title change request.

It is therefore clear that the platform is experimenting with different approaches in this regard, and this collection of feedback is only the beginning of a “cleaning” process of news deemed irrelevant or even misleading and dangerous.

“We will come to a conclusion through experiments and gathering user feedback,” Artifact’s Kevin Systrom told The Verge

The option to report clickbait headlines can be found in an article’s three-dot menu (or by long-pressing on an article in your feed).

Among the novelties of the latest Artifact update there is also the possibility to add emoticons to articles.