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No more CoTweets: Twitter eliminates tweets with double authors

Twitter has permanently discontinued the CoTweet feature, which allowed two users to post co-written tweets. The maneuver had already begun in July, when the platform began disabling CoTweet in the United States and Canada. As of today, the feature has been officially removed worldwide.

“We are sad to announce that this experiment is coming to an end,” Twitter wrote in the support page. “Existing CoTweets will be visible for another month, after which they will revert to retweets.”

What will happen to CoTweets written on Twitter

If you have published CoTweets, inviting the other author to participate, the post will remain visible on the profile as yours. If, on the other hand, you have agreed to write a tweet shared with another user, this will appear as the property of the person who invited you, while it will appear that you have retweeted it.

“We’re still looking at ways to implement this feature in the future,” Twitter wrote, hinting that it might not be definitively the end of CoTweets.

However, right now, a shared post feature is highly unlikely to be high on Twitter’s priority list, particularly after around 80% of employees have left the company since Elon Musk came on the scene. A recent report released by Engadget reports that Twitter currently has fewer than 550 full-time engineers.

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