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No PS5 Pro: Sony already working on the PlayStation 6

No PS5 Pro: Sony already working on the PS6 thumbnail

Despite the severe supply problems that characterized its launch, the PlayStation 5 (PS5) was a huge sales success for Sony, who would already be working on the next console: the PlayStation 6 (PS6). According to the original plans, or at least the online rumors regarding the company’s plans, Sony was supposed to launch a Pro model of the PS5. However, according to new sources, this enhanced version of PlayStation 5 will never arrive.

This was reported by the portal, according to which the company’s efforts would all be focused on the next generation. This decision is also favored by the excellent data on PS5 sales, whose availability has returned to satisfactory levels.

Sony is working on the PS6: it won’t be released before 2028 lets us know that the PlayStation 6 project is being led Mark Cerny, formerly responsible for the development of the PS5. Can we therefore expect an announcement soon? Absolutely not. According to gaming industry experts a new generation of Sony consoles won’t see the light before 2028.

However, taking into account that PS5 came out in 2020, it’s hard to think that Sony will wait 8 years before releasing a new device on the market. We must therefore take the rumors according to which the PS5 Pro project has been definitively shelved with a grain of salt. It is very likely that PlayStation will decide to release alternative versions of the PS5, such as a Slim model or something similar.

Details are obviously scarce at the moment and it will be interesting to understand how Sony will decide to plan the future of its brand.

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