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Nokia G22: the perfect gift for Father’s Day

The new Nokia G22 is ideal for the geek dad. Here is the perfect smartphone for dads who love “do it yourself” and are particularly attentive to the environment

Father’s Day is approaching and the gift rush is getting more and more insistent. If you too have a geek father, more inclined to repair than to replace, and above all attentive to the sustainability and longevity of objects, the ideal gift is the new Nokia G22. In fact, the smartphone announced atMWC 2023 da HMD Globalthe home of Nokia phones, is the Finnish company’s first device specifically designed to be easily repairable.

In fact, thanks to the collaboration with iFixit, the geek dad will be able to easily access guides and spare parts at affordable prices, and try his hand at replacing a damaged screen, a bent charging port or a non-performing battery. Equipped with a shell in 100% recycled plastic2 years of Android™ operating system updates, 3 years of monthly security updates and 36 months of warranty at no extra cost, the new Nokia G22 is in all respects an emblem of longevity and attention to the environment.

Prices, availability and accessories

Nokia G22 is already available in colors Meteor Grey in the 4/64 and 4/128 GB configurations starting from 199 euros. As for the Lagoon Blue version, however, it will be available on the Italian market starting from the next few weeks.
Repair kit available for $5 at Individual spare parts without kits are available at the following prices:

  • Shell from 24,95 euro;
  • Battery from 24,95 euro;
  • Screen from 45,95 euro;
  • Charging port from 19,95 euro;
  • New Nokia 65W Dual Port Charger, which ensures faster charging and is made with a case made from 70% recycled materials, a 49,99 euro.

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