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NordVPN: here are the dedicated IP servers in Milan

NordVPN has announced the launch of its new dedicated IP servers in Milan. Let’s see together all the details of this announcement

Generally, when a user connects to a server VPN, his IP address changes, but he shares it with other users. The dedicated IP address, on the other hand, is a unique static IP address which can only be used by one user. This new service, launched by one of the best VPNs around, can be useful for many. With NordVPN it is therefore now possible to obtain also a Italian dedicated IP addresscon VPN servers located in Milan.

Benefits of using a dedicated NordVPN IP address with servers in Milan

There are several cases where a dedicated IP address is really useful. One of them it definitely is secure access to company servers. To prevent unauthorized access to sensitive systems, administrators can specify a list of allowed IP addresses. By doing so, users can access a system only if their IP matches one on the whitelist. A dedicated IP address is the ideal solution for securely access remote access systems corporate or private servers.

Also secure online payments they need a dedicated IP address. If a user connects to a VPN to bank securely online, it may appear that they are virtually in a different place each time. The banks they may consider it suspicious activity and block the user’s access to the account. Using a VPN with a dedicated static IP address allows you to avoid repetitive checks while ensuring user safety.

NordVPN: here are the dedicated IP servers in Milan

The third case is the child of the first two, that is avoid blacklisting. One disadvantage of using a shared IP address consists in the effectbad neighbor“: You never know what other users with the same IP address are doing. Here because shared IPs can get blacklistedby limiting your access to certain websites. Even if a dedicated IP address is not that discreet, it is much less likely to be blacklisted.

If that still wasn’t enough, with a dedicated IP address you can forget about CAPTCHAs. Multiple people using the same shared IP address often trigger CAPTCHA authentication. It gets too annoying constantly prove that you are not a robot. Using a dedicated IP address, on the other hand, it will be possible to access your e-mail box and other online accounts without unnecessary interruptions.

So how do you take advantage of this new service? It will be enough for you connect to this link to access the NordVPN page and choose one of the various plans among the 2-year, 1-year and monthly plans. In addition, these days you can enjoy a discount of up to 59% and the possibility of win 3 or 12 extra months. What do you think of the possibility of having dedicated IP addresses? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss future news regarding the web and social universe, continue to follow the pages of everything!

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