NordVPN opens its servers in Rome, for an even faster and more responsive VPN

NordVPN inaugura i suoi server a Roma, per una VPN ancora più veloce e reattiva thumbnail

NordVPN inaugurated its first servers in Milan in 2013. Since then, the number of Italian users who have decided to trust this brand has grown. That’s why the time has come to expand the offer of server also to Roma. A new physical server in the capital will offer users faster connections and lower latency.

NordVPN in Rome, the useful and fast server

“In the past, many central-southern Italian users could have had a better user experience with their VPN by connecting to servers in Albania or Greece, closer than those in Milan. We wanted to offer the fastest possible speed to our users with Italian IPs. For this reason, NordVPN has decided to inaugurate new physical servers in Rome,” he said Cristian Gianni, NordVPN Country Manager for Italy.

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NordVPN in Rome, the advantages of a VPN with a local server

NordVPN’s Rome-based servers are specifically designed for users who live in the area and, more generally, in the Center-South. Existing VPN users will notice faster speeds and lower latency; those who connect for the first time will have access to numerous advantages.

First of all, with a VPN in Rome, users will be able to protect your data with cryptographic systems, making your connection more secure, even if you connect to unprotected networks such as public Wi-Fi (free or paid). Thanks to the presence of servers in Italy, users will have no problems accessing content available only in our country, while keeping their connection secure.

With a VPN, it is also possible mask the IP address connection and protect the privacy of connected users, preventing third parties from monitoring their online activity.

The best VPNs on the market: which one to choose

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A private network without the need for dedicated hardware, something the companies (especially the smaller ones) can make the most of it. Especially at this time when the adoption of smart working is growing a lot.

But in the last period are also increasing the private who want to use a quality VPN. For example, students abroad or those who travel a lot might want to enjoy their series in streaming by taking advantage of the subscription which, unfortunately, is valid only in Italy. Or you could use a VPN simply to secure greater anonymity while browsing, preventing the tracking of your IP address. Furthermore, a VPN can become a real “virtual shield” to protect your devices while you are online.

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