Not only ChatGPT: OpenAI is about to launch an artificial intelligence model

Non solo ChatGPT: OpenAi sta per lanciare un modello di intelligenza artificiale thumbnail

OpenAithe company behind the hugely popular Ai chatbot ChatGptannounced it would release a new open source AI model, i.e. freely modifiable and improveable by anyone. This was revealed by The Information, which cited a person close to the project as a source.

The new model will still be based on the technology LLM (Large language model), the same one that allows ChatGpt (and its rival Google Bard) to integrate the vast knowledge of the web and to answer users’ questions in a humanoid way. Meta-Facebook is also working on a similar AI.

What we know about the new OpenAi AI model

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OpenAi’s goal seems to be to make the model accessible to all, without additional costs, to favor beginner developers or developers with little economic resources, who want to create applications based on artificial intelligence. This initiative would therefore complement the service ChatGpt Pluswhich offers users advanced features for a fee.

Open source would make it possible for anyone to use the AI ​​model but also to customize it to their liking. Some companies choose this route because they believe their software can benefit from contributions from outside developers.

Samsung, for example, has recently announced that it will launch own Ai chatbot for internal use only. This will allow company employees to take advantage of artificial intelligence without sharing the data entered into the chatbot. The news comes after a Samsung employee, using his own ChatGPT for work, had leaked some sensitive company data.

Today’s news is that Amazon is also about to present new solutions based on artificial intelligence. In addition to the integration with Alexa, the giant is about to launch its own chatbot to guide users on its ecommerce.