Nothing announces the presentation date of Ear (stick)

Nothing Ear (stick), primo sguardo agli auricolari thumbnail

Nothing announced the presentation date of Nothing Ear (stick), the new earphones with the rectangular case. The launch will take place on October 26, 2022 at 4 pm Italian time, in an online event to follow on the brand’s website Carl Pei.

Nothing Ear (stick), launch date announced

Nothing’s marketing team understands better than anyone the concept of “hype”. After seeing the ‘lipstick’ shaped case of the new earphones during a fashion week show, the Ear (stick) earphones make headlines again with the launch date.

The brand assures that “Nothing’s new generation of sound technology” will be the “most advanced audio product”. But although there are still no details on the earphones to pair with your new Nothing Phone (1) or other device, the brand has released a description of what to expect.

nothing ear stick release date launch min

The new Ear (sticks) will be “true wireless half in-ear headphones that balance supreme comfort with exceptional sound, made not to be heard on the ear when in use. They are light as a feather and with an ergonomic design that is modulated on your ears. Delivered with a cunique charging ustodia, inspired by silhoutte classic of cosmeticsi, and compact to simply slip into your pockets “.

The rumors want that the design of the headphones itself remains almost unchanged compared to the Nothing Ear (1). Which are solid products at a fair price, as happened for Nothing Phone (1). So the hope is that there are improvements in terms of functionality and audio, while maintaining a rather low price.

But to know everything for sure we will have to wait until October 26th.