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Nothing has surpassed one million units sold

Nothing has registered record salesdeclared to have sold 1 million devices between Phone (1), the first smartphone from the brand and the Ear earphones.

Units of Nothing devices sold

Specifically, the company said it has sold over 500,000 units of Phone (1) and over 600,000 units between Ear (stick) and Ear (1). The sales allowed Nothing to estimate an increase in revenues in 2022, exceeding $250 million compared to $20 million in 2021.

Nothing, a company of technological products which sees among its founders Carl Peione of the fathers of OnePlus, has achieved quite an achievement when we consider the current global economic climate and direct competition from other Android devices and iOS.

It has also been estimated that in just 5 months the Phone (1) drove the highest conversion rate from iOS to Android operating system compared to other competitors: for example in Japan and Hong Kong over 50% of those who bought a Phone (1) come from iOS.

The Nothing store is coming to London

The Nothing Store Soho is scheduled to open this week in London and will be the only tech products store in the area. The choice of the English capital is no small matter: Nothing has its headquarters in London and in the last year it has seen growth not only in turnover, but also in staff, which has grown from 176 employees in 2021 to 433 in 2022.

What is special about Nothing devices? For example, the Ear (stick) headphones offer Nothing’s most advanced sound experience, with up to 29 hours of listening time, a custom 12.6 mm driver and a comfortable half-in ear design, for an authentic, powerful user experience and with a feeling of lightness.

To find out more about Nothing and its devices, you can click on the following link.

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