Nothing: presents its next Ear Stick earphones

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The Nothing company presented the design of the charging case at the London fashion show, let’s find out everything in this dedicated article

Last year Nothing managed to make a name for herself with her first pair of wireless earbuds, the i Nothing ear 1. Not a small thing, given the crowded market for cheap wireless earbuds. The earphones stood out for theirs design trasparentewhich gave them the distinction from the crowd.

Building on the success of Ear 1, the young company launched the Nothing Phone 1, with a similar clear back design. Nothing is now preparing to launch its third product and second pair of wireless earbuds, which it first mentioned in mid-September. With the name of Ear stickthe company revealed its case design at fashion week’s London.

Nothing: presents its next Ear Stick earphones

Unique and transparent design

The teaser images confirm that theEar Stick, will come with a case for charging cylindrical shapeunlike the boxy case of the Ear 1. Nothing claims that the design will allow the case of the slip easily into your pocket. Like the other products, the charging case will also have a design trasparente.

The company claims that the classic cosmetic silhouettes inspired the design of the charging case. However, the cylindrical shape is nothing new – there are other wireless earbuds on the market that come with a similarly shaped charging case.

None of the images show the wireless earphonesbut judging by the grooves of the charging case, they will continue to have a design a stelo.

Company statements

The company claims Ear Sticks are the:

Next evolution of its audio product family. The earbuds will feature a lightweight, ergonomic design and could replace or sit on top of the Ear 1. If this is a cheaper option, the earbuds may forgo ANC and cool features like wireless charging.

Nothing will officially unveil the specifications complete with the product and the prezzo of the earphones in the course of the year. What do you think of these new Ear Sticks? Let us know below in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page, on all our other social networks and to stay connected on