Now available Glutton’s Gamble: the second DLC of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Da oggi disponibile Glutton’s Gamble: il secondo DLC di Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands thumbnail

Glutton’s Gamble, the second DLC in the critically acclaimed Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, is released today, available both through the Season Pass and via separate purchase. In this new adventure, players will have to face the monster in Vesper’s second Mirror of Mystery.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: here is the launch trailer for the new DLC

The new Mirror of Mystery will give players the opportunity to face a very difficult dungeon, but for the benefit of much more important rewards. In the DLC we will find Vesper and his Mirrors of Mystery in the Dreamveil Overlook, just outside Brighthoof in the Overworld. The enemies inside have a base level of 13 and scale to the level of the Fatemaker, making the Mirrors of Mystery a feat worth repeating. But be careful: dying in a Mirror of Mystery will make you come out of it, starting over.

Also for weeks after launch, Imelda will brew a new potion that will make her an increasingly hungry and powerful creature. This will lead to an increase in loot and items, which add to the already extensive range of in-game cosmetics. These can be found both as random drops near enemies and inside Mirrors of Mystery. Finally, it will be possible to obtain the various objects by turning Vesper’s Wheel of Destiny.

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