Now you can delete the Instagram account from the iOS App

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More news from Meta. In these hours, in fact, Instagram has integrated a new option that will allow users to delete an account directly from the iOS App. By doing so, the application finally renders itself compliant with App Store policy, which requires all Apps to offer account creation and deletion. So let’s figure out how to delete a profile from Instagram iOS.

Instagram iOS: Here comes the option to delete the account

New rules for the App Store starting from 30 June 2022: all applications that allow you to create an account must also provide the ability to delete it. More specifically, developers need to ensure that users can easily access the deletion process, making it insufficient to temporarily disable or deactivate an account. Apple’s policy is clear: the account must be able to be deleted, along with all personal data. By virtue of this, Instagram’s iOS App had to make a number of changes.

As noted by TechCrunch, prior to this point users had to log into Instagram from browsers in order to delete their account. Beyond that, there was still the option to deactivate the profile from the App. But Apple clearly asked for the option to delete. Therefore, the platform has adapted to the policy, allowing you to delete the account directly from the Instagram iOS App. To do this, it will be enough for you access the Settingsselect the profile you want to delete and tap the “Delete account” option. In this way, therefore, all the contents and data of the profile will be removed permanently.

In any case, if you ever change your mind it is good that you know that you have 30 days to return to your decision. Therefore, by accessing the App you can also stop the deletion process. Total freedom for users, therefore. On the other hand, Instagram itself has declared that it has introduced this option to “give people more ways to control their experience and the time spent” on the platform. Although we know very well that the choice depends more on Apple than on Meta.

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