Ora è possibile pagare l’abbonamento Spotify senza passare per Google Play Store thumbnail

Now you can pay for the Spotify subscription without going through the Google Play Store

Now you can pay for Spotify subscription without going through Google Play Store thumbnail

After a series of disputes that attracted the attention of European antitrust authorities, Google today announced a major change. Android users will be able to choose to use third-party billing systems to renew their Spotify subscription, bypassing the payment via the Google Play Store.

The new system is called User Choice Billing (UCB). In reality, although it is now operational for Spotify, it will soon be extended to all the other third-party apps available on the store and which provide for payments.

User Choice Billing: We pay Spotify without going through the Play Store

Until now, the various transactions to third-party apps were managed by the Google Play Stpre payment system. This involved game purchases, membership subscriptions, and much more. The User Choice Billing system, on the other hand, will allow individual users to choose whether bypass the Play Store, using different billing methods, without necessarily having to open third-party websites. Despite this, however, Google will keep a percentage from individual transactions.

Now Spotify users on Android will have it available two ways to subscribe / renew your subscription. Users who select the Google Play option will follow the classic procedure. Those who instead opt for the Spotify option will provide their card details directly to the streaming platform, which will independently manage the payment by paying a percentage of 4% to Google.

Google added that it “will work with their teams and we expect their users to start seeing this in-app choice in select countries in the coming months.” Despite this, the new billing method is already available for a selected number of apps – including Spotify – also in Italy.

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