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Nvidia: 30 series GPUs are back available in the Ready campaign and in Stock

A new initiative carried out by Nvidia will see the 30 series GPUs available again, thanks to “Ready and in Stock”

It is useless to go around it: although there has been a lot of talk about how the slowdown of the pandemic could eventually bring relief to the graphics card problem, the reality in the end is not so rosy. The effect that COVID and the lack of resources have had on the production not only of GPUs, but also of other important electronic components, continues undaunted. influence the entire world economy, and not just in the gaming sector. Factories have been unable to satisfy the demand for these technologies, also due to the explosion in popularity of cryptocurrency mining, and also the video game on PC that has become quite common in these years of PS5 and Xbox Series S shortage. X.

Graphics cards, especially the newer and more performing ones, serve everyone for different purposes, yet it will be impossible meet this need quickly, with the border and customs restrictions still applied by the host countries of the main manufacturing structures. In any case, it appears that Nvidia has decided to take matters into your own handsthus giving rise to a sales campaign called “Ready and in Stock” as for bringing back the 30 series GPUs, which will soon present a new update.

Nvidia 30 series GPUs are back in stock

With an update to the Ready and In Stock campaign, Nvidia aims to make 30-series GPUs available to all who require them, as well as at reduced prices. A more than fundamental factor, considering how retailers often show decidedly inflated prices even for “lower range” GPUs. So, those who have so far craved the chance to get their hands on immersive ray-tracing technology, the increase in performance given by the DLSS, and the reduced latency through the NVIDIA Reflex, may finally have their chance.

Nvidia: 30 series GPUs are back available in the Ready campaign and in Stock

After announcing this project just last week, Nvidia announces already starting today the availability of various products at some resellers affiliated with the company. So here’s a little one graphic card model list, the online stores from which they will be available, and the price with which they will be presented in the next few days.

  • GPU MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Gaming X Trio, disponibile at Ak Informatica – at the price of € 1,494.99
  • Desktop Nbox 69 RTX 3060, available at Next – at the price of € 1,199.00
  • Desktop GAMING CAST 3060TI, available at Cast Informatica- at the price of € 1,699.00
  • Desktop Nbox 71 RTX 3070, available at Next – at the price of € 2,289.00

Although these are still prices that are not exactly favorable to consumers, if you will not be able to obtain the graphics card that will complete your configuration in other ways, perhaps evaluating the purchase from one of these platforms could be the most valid idea.

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