NVIDIA DLSS is available for 120 games and apps

NVIDIA DLSS è disponibile per 120 giochi e app thumbnail

Support for NVIDIA DLSS continues to grow. With the addition of an additional 10 days during this month of October, in fact, NVIDIA DLSS is now guaranteeing an improvement in the performance of over 120 games and apps. Among the most recent titles that can benefit from the support of the NVIDIA feature there is also Back 4 Blood which records a performance increase of over 46%.

The number of titles supporting NVIDIA DLSS is growing

The new Back 4 Blood is one of the latest additions to the catalog of games that support DLLS. L’performance increase guaranteed by the functionality of NVIDIA arrives up to 46% according to the data provided by the company. The table below shows the NVIDIA DLSS FPS boost for various graphics cards from the company:

Support also comes for other titles

Also Baldurs’s Gate 3 can now count on the support of DLSS. In 4K there is a performance improvement of up to 88%. Owners of an RTX 3060 will be able to play you in 4K at 60 FPS at the new Baldur’s Gate 3. Among the new additions there is also Crysis Remastered Trilogy beyond a Rise of the Tomb Raider e Shadow of the Tomb Raider (which now support the latest version of DLSS) benefiting from significant improvements. Furthermore, from October 26th, the update for Chivalry 2 will arrive, which will register an improvement of up to 45%. The list is long and also includes titles like Sword and Fairy 7 e Swords of Legends Online, Alan Wake Remastered e F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch. For more details you can take a look at official site.