Nilox: presented the new range of e-bikes

Nilox, a technology brand for sport and outdoor life operating in the smart mobility market, has recently presented its new range of e-bikes, including various models to meet all the needs of the public

Nilox, a brand that sells technological products for smart mobility, presented its own, together with all their news disseminated through press releases in recent days new range of e-bikes, inclusive of ben eight new models able to meet all the needs of the public. After having seen the new smart scooters and the new action camera, let’s move on to see below all the details of these new models.

All models of the new Nilox e-bike range

Below we see an overview of all the models of the new range of e-bikes from Nilox. As mentioned before, we are talking about eight new models, suitable for the most diverse uses: they are J1 Plus, J3 Plus, J4 Plus, J5 Plus, X6 Plus, X7 Plus, X7 fe X8 Plus. Among all these names there are more thoughtful models for the urban environment (J1 Plus and X7 f), others designed more for activities such as the cycle tourism (J5 Plus and X7 Plus), up to those designed for more sporty and / or extreme activities such as and mountain bike is fatbike (J3 Plus, J4 Plus, X6 Plus, X8 Plus).

Nilox: presented the new range of e-bikes

Each with its own peculiar features (7 or even 21-speed gearboxes, various driving modes selectable via LCD display, but also 250W motors capable of reaching 25km / h, or batteries that give 65 to 90 km of autonomy depending on the model) , every e-bike promises the best comfort and / or performance based on what you are looking for. The models J5 Plus, X6 Plus e X7 Plus will be available starting from December of this year at the recommended price of, respectively, 899,95€, 1099,95€ e 1199,95€. The other models will be available from the beginning of 2022: D1 More will be available at € 699.95, J3 Plus at € 1199.95, J4 Plus at € 1399.95, X7 Plus at € 1199.95, X8 Plus at € 999.95.

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