NVIDIA: May launch GeForce GTX 1630 soon

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NVIDIA has decided to introduce the GeForce GTX 1630 to combat AMD’s entry-level offering

The GTX 1630 it could be the first model x30 of the GTX series. So far we have seen boards like GT 730 o GT 1030but it is already about solutions very old. Meanwhile, the last tab GTX Turing of NVIDIA, the 1650was released ad April 2019so more than 3 years ago.

With the increase of prices of GPUs, NVIDIA has apparently abandoned the market for low end. The company has launched its desktop card RTX 3050 in January of this year, therefore 14 months later the debut of the first Ampere models.

However, with its introductory price of 249 dollars (236.05 euros) and an actual retail price of over 330 dollars (312,84 euro)this model is still out of reach from many players.

NVIDIA: May launch GeForce GTX 1630 soon

NVIDIA: the answer to AMD

AMDwhich released the ballots Radeon RX 6500XT e RX 6400 around the same time, he knows that NVIDIA has a problem with the low-end GPU market.

The company recently launched a marketing campaign to prove the value of the AMD Radeon RX 6000 series over the series GeForce RTX 30, GTX 16/10.

Here, in the low-end market, the price gap between AMD and NVIDIA is very evidentespecially considering those cards weren’t designed for heavy, ray-traced games.

According to rumors, the GeForce GTX 1630 is intended to replace the GTX 1050 Tiso it would probably cost less than 190 dollars (180.12) it is currently the price of the GTX 1650.

At the moment, the specifications of the GTX 1630 they are unknownbut a model might be expected TU117 (Turing) with power demand of less than 75 W and memory GDDR6 updated.

The GTX 1650 series already features ben five modelli, included TU106, TU116 e TU117 and even one SUPER variant. However, not all of these cards are available in all markets and the same principle may apply to the GTX 1630.

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