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Continues the growth of NVIDIA which registers a further increase in its market capitalisation. Yesterday, in fact, the company briefly exceeded an overall value of 1,000 billion dollars and currently travels at over $990 billion in value. Furthermore, since the beginning of the year, the value of the company has more than doubled. To weigh on the unbridled growth of the American company is the growth of investment in AI. In fact, with its chips, NVIDIA is able to power the servers for AI management, guaranteeing a lot of computing power.

NVIDIA continues to grow and achieve record capitalization

The invexperiments in artificial intelligence they push the NVIDIA growth. The company, driven by the growing demand for generative artificial intelligence, is significantly increasing its market value. NVIDIA chips, thanks to their high computing power, are perfect for servers called upon to manage artificial intelligence and this makes the future of NVIDIA particularly rosy.

Investors are betting more and more on NVIDIA and the capitalization of the company is a direct consequence. In yesterday’s day, NVIDIA Passes $1 Trillion Valuation Mark, with an increase more than double the value at the beginning of 2023. Currently, the quotation has dropped slightly but continues to set a record, with over 990 billion in market cap.

The AI-rich future could guarantee a another step forward for NVIDIA which, shortly, could once again become a trillion-dollar company.

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