NVIDIA opens its doors to the virtual Christmas village

NVIDIA apre le porte al villaggio di Natale virtuale thumbnail

On the occasion of Christmas, NVIDIA has officially unveiled the Winter World NVIDIA RTX. It is a virtual project built within the hugely popular game Minecraft. The extension of the virtual village is 150 thousand square meters and required 300 hours of work for its creation with 30 million blocks.

NVIDIA Unveils Virtual Christmas Village: Winter World NVIDIA RTX

The new Winter World NVIDIA RTX can be downloaded in Minecraft at any time via the site planetminecraft.com. The virtual village includes many areas to discover and a long series of Easter Eggs that refer to famous Christmas films. Visitors will be able to visit a recreation of theOspedale Great Ormond Street (GOSH) in the virtual world e donate to the ‘Home for Christmas’ campaign. Note that thanks to NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX GPUs, it is possible to take advantage of real-time ray tracing for truly stunning graphics.

The company comment

NVIDIA said, “With the power of our RTX GPUs, we are thrilled to bring a truly unique virtual Christmas experience to families around the world. Our goal was to offer an accessible and free event to all families this Christmas, regardless of their situation, while supporting the vital work of our friends on Great Ormond Street. We hope to be able to collect as much as possible in order to better support them in this Christmas period “.

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