NVIDIA RTX 3080 Custom: here are the prices on Amazon

NVIDIA RTX 3080 Custom: here are the prices on Amazon

From today, the NVIDIA RTX 3080 Custom from various third-party manufacturers are available on the market, in this article we summarize all the versions available on Amazon with their prices

Third-party manufacturers such as Asus ROG, MSI, Gigabyte and many others announced theirs almost immediately NVIDIA RTX 3080 Custom, but we had to wait until today to see them hit the market. Although it is still very difficult to buy them due to low stocks, in this article we collect them all the best purchase proposals of NVIDIA RTX 3080 Custom available on Amazon with relative prices and features to guide you in your decision.

NVIDIA RTX 3080 Custom: here are the prices on Amazon

NVIDIA RTX 3080: the features

NVIDIA RTX 3080 is a dedicated video card for 4K gaming, designed to sustain at least 60 fps in the latest generation AAA games with ray tracing and active DLSS. To achieve this under the body we find ben 8,704 CUDA cores based on the new Ampere architecture and then second generation RT core and third generation Tensor core to accelerate deep learning computations. Memory has a capacity of 10 GB and is GDDR6X type, the latest version of VRAM produced by Micron, and connected with a 320-bit bus. Of course the core frequencies – which in the basic version go up to 1.71 GHz – vary depending on the version as well as those of the memory, so you have to be careful when choosing. Furthermore, each manufacturer has chosen to implement its own cooling system which is a fundamental element for a card that consumes about 320 W. Also pay attention to the configuration of your PC: a power supply of at least 750 W and the new 12-pin connector is required, although many manufacturers have decided to use 2 classic 8-pin connectors. Obviously the ninth CPU must also be a bottleneck, so we recommend starting at least with a Ryzen 7 or Intel core i7.

The use of an SSD is discounted even in light of the new one RTX IO technology. This technology, similar to what we will see in next-gen consoles, allows the GPU to exploit the speed of the latest generation SSDs in a much more efficient way. Normally the data before being saved in the mass memory are compressed to avoid waste and codes are applied to correct the error. Currently it is the CPU that has to take care of the decompression and decoding of the data before passing it to the GPU that loaded it into VRAM. With NVIDIA RTX IO, on the other hand, the data is completely managed by the GPU which interfaces directly with the mass memory, avoiding the bottleneck from the CPU. Your setup should be completed with a nice 4K monitor. We remember that if you want to reach frame rates higher than the canonical 60 fps, you can use DLSS 2.0. In this way the game will be rendered in 2K (usually) and then rescaled to 4K thanks to a neural network, in this way you can reach very high frame rates without giving up the 4K resolution, as long as the game supports this feature.

NVIDIA RTX 3080 Custom: Prices of cards available on Amazon

These are the NVIDIA RTX 3080 for now available on Amazon with relative prices. We remind you that stocks are exhausted very quickly in these first days of availability, therefore many models may not be available for purchase at some point. What do you think about it? Do you prefer the custom versions or the Founder Edition? That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us for other news and insights.