Migliori ultrabook da acquistare

Best ultrabooks to buy | March 2021

Are you looking for portability but don’t want to compromise on performance? An ultrabook is the solution for you! But what to choose from the large list available? Let’s find out in this guide on the best ultrabooks to buy

If you have reached this page, surely look for it a very portable solution without sacrificing performance. A good portable PC with small dimensions and with an eye also to battery life. We hear very often about these “ultrabooks” in this area, but what is a ultrabook?

Best ultrabooks to buy: the features

A laptop, to be able to bear the name ultrabook, must meet a number of stringent requirements:

  • a battery with a long-lasting charge;
  • Intel processor (ultrabook is a registered trademark of Intel);
  • good computing performance;
  • fast recovery from standby mode;
  • reduced thickness.

The best ultrabooks use Intel Core processors low-power mid-high range or new generation AMD, often of the SSD solutions for storage and offer a single block frame aluminum-magnesium or carbon fiber. This block helps to meet the requirements of small size, lightness and strength and performs a function of dissipating the heat produced by the internal components. Still to keep consumption down, ultrabooks do not have a built-in optical disc drive, nor, often, an RJ-45 ethernet port. Ultrabooks therefore have a thickness of less than 21 millimeters, a weight of about 1.4 kilograms, an autonomy minima 5 hours.

Among all the producers they stand out for quality Asus, HP e Dell, but recently some manufacturers such as Acer and Lenovo are making their way more and more and they have decided to focus on the medium-high market with high quality competitive products.

Our tips also this month are of various nature and multi-brand. Furthermore, the advice we feel we can give is to stay on a diagonal of 13.3 ″ – 14 ″. In fact, a smaller diagonal only causes some problems with the usability of the contents but, a larger one, begins to make the dimensions of our device too far from the idea of ​​an ultrabook.

Best low-end ultrabooks

Best mid-range ultrabooks

Best high-end ultrabooks

See you next month!

This guide to buying the best ultrabooks ends here. If what you are looking for is instead a laptop with truly terrifying performance, check out our guide to the best gaming notebooks.

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