NVIDIA RTX A2000 and Omniverse: the news at SIGGRAPH 2021

On the occasion of the renowned SIGGRAPH 2021 conference, NVIDIA did not miss the opportunity to present several new technologies from the Omniverse universe and the new NVIDIA RTX A2000 professional GPU. Let’s see the details

At this week’s SIGGRAPH 2021 virtual conference, dedicated to graphics NVIDIA Studio will present exclusive benefits that accelerate 3D workflows. First of all we will see an expansion of NVIDIA Omniverse with the support of Blender USD and the Substance 3D plugin. We will then have the launch of the NVIDIA RTX A2000 GPU, the entry-level graphics card dedicated to entry-level workstations. Finally we will see all the news contained in the NVIDIA Studio drivers of the month of August.

NVIDIA RTX A2000 and Omniverse: the news at SIGGRAPH 2021

NVIDIA Omniverse Expands the 3D Metaverse

NVIDIA announces that Blender, the world’s leading open-source 3D animation application, will include support for Universal Scene Description (USD) from Pixar in version 3.0 of Blender, allowing artists to use the application with NVIDIA Omniverse production pipelines. NVIDIA and Adobe are collaborating on a new plugin for Substance 3D which will enable Substance Material support in Omniverse. Thanks to the plugin, materials created in Adobe Substance 3D or imported from the Substance 3D Asset Library can be adjusted directly in Omniverse, saving 3D artists valuable time.

A new extension of Omniverse GANverse3D – Image2Car, which makes 3D modeling easier with AI. This was built on an adversary generative network trained on 2D photos, synthesizing multiple views of thousands of objects to predict 3D geometry, textures, and part segmentation labels.

NVIDIA RTX A2000 and Omniverse: the news at SIGGRAPH 2021

NVIDIA RTX A2000: More RTX, more creative freedom in 3D

NVIDIA RTX A2000 (available October) will join the RTX line as the most powerful dual-slot, low-profile GPU for 3D creators. The new desktop GPU packs the latest RTX technologies from the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, including:

  • 2nd generation RT Cores for real-time ray tracing with up to 5x better performance than the previous generation with RTX ON.
  • 3rd generation Tensor Cores to power and accelerate the creative capabilities of AI.
  • 2x PCIe Gen 4 that accelerate data paths to and from the GPU and up to 6GB of VRAM ETC. GPU for rendering and exporting large files.

For creators on the go, the NVIDIA RTX A2000 laptop GPU – available in Studio laptops (shipping from 10 August) – is the most energy efficient professional RTX laptop GPU and brings ray tracing and AI capabilities to thin and light mobile workstations.

NVIDIA RTX A2000 and Omniverse: the news at SIGGRAPH 2021

August brings updates for creative apps and the latest Studio driver

Exciting updates for cutting-edge creative apps have recently been released. The August Driver Studio, available from the 10th of the month, improve support for all:

  • Topaz Sharpen AI v3.2 offers refinements to AI models accelerated by RTX GPUs and Tensor Cores, adding 1.5x motion blur and Too Soft / Very Blurry features that further reduce artifacts. In-app masking has also been improved with real-time processing of mask strokes and customization controls for displaying the overlay.
  • Reallusion Character Creator v3.43, the first third-party app with Audio2Face integration, now allows artists to export characters from Character Creator to Omniverse as Audio2Face compatible mesh USD files. This allows facial and lip animations to be fully AI-driven by voice input only, regardless of language, simplifying the process of animating a 3D character.
  • Capture One 21 v14.3.0 adds a new Magic Brush tool to create complex masks for editing layers based on image content in a split second, working on an underlying image processed from the raw file. This process is hardware accelerated and is up to 3x faster when using the GPU than the CPU.

NVIDIA RTX A2000 and Omniverse: the news at SIGGRAPH 2021

NVIDIA will preview the documentary at SIGGRAPH Connecting in the Metaverse: The Making of the GTC Keynote, Wednesday August 11 at 11:00 am PDT (8:00 pm Italian time). In order not to miss any details of the NVIDIA events at SIGGRAPH 2021, we refer you to the official page dedicated to the event. From the hardware section that’s all! Keep following us!

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