La nostra recensione del mouse da gaming Lift 2 Ergo di NZXT: leggerezza e precisione senza pari thumbnail

NZXT Lift 2 Ergo review: unparalleled lightness and precision

“It’s the mouse’s fault” is one of the amazing justifications we give ourselves when our results at video games aren’t exactly excellent. Assuming and not granting that this is true (these are details at the bottom) we all know that the importance of peripherals cannot be underestimated when it comes to gaming. To raise our fortunes in Elo Hell, NZXT has the solution for us, the new Lift 2 Ergo gaming mouse and this is its review.

We are faced with a real revolution compared to the previous version of the NZXT Lift both in terms of design and performance: the weight decreases, performance, DPI, precision and everything you need in a mouse increase.

Our review of the Lift 2 Ergo mouse from NZXT

The new Lift 2 Ergo from NZXT is a wired gaming mouse which boasts extraordinary lightness and ease of use. Weight and dimensions are designed for the most intense gaming sessions but shape and ergonomics also make it an excellent mouse for more general everyday use. Optical switches and a latest generation sensoraim to offer truly exceptional premium features, but will it really be like this?

Before diving headlong into the review of this NZXT Lift 2 Ergo, let’s take a look at the…

…data sheet

  • Dimensions: 128.14 x 65.1 x 41.4 mm
  • Weight: 61g
  • Sensor: Optician, PixArt PMW3395
  • DPI: up to 26,000 DPI
  • Speed: Up to 650 IPS
  • Cable: 2 meter (Paracord)


Lift 2 Ergo

The mouse presents itself excellently in one stile total white (black color is also available) really pleasant and adapts to every desk. Made mainly of plastic, the mouse returns an excellent feel to the hand and guarantees a efficace grip thanks also to the knurled sides of the mouse where we rest our thumb and little finger. In addition to the classic left and right buttons, we find 4 other buttonspressing the central wheel, the DPI button and two side buttons fully customizable via the NZXT CAM app, which we will explore later in the review.

In the lower part we obviously find the ei sensor Mouse “feet” made of PTFE to slide best and smoothly on the desk. Here we notice a peculiarity of the Lift 2 Ergo, part of the lower cover is missing which, in addition to a truly interesting scenic effect, allows you to lighten the weight of the mouse even more. We are in fact talking about just 61 gramsper 128.14 x 65.1 x 41.4 mm in sizewhich is extremely useful especially in longer gaming sessions or in those titles that require quick and precise mouse movement.

As anticipated, we are faced with a wired mouse. The cable, with USB input, is 2 meters long and made of Paracord and fortunately, it never got in our way during our test.


Obviously we can’t do anything about a mouse that’s pleasant to look at without performance, luckily, we have that too!

The Lift 2 Ergo boasts a pooling frequency of up to 8,000 Hz, optical switches and a 26,000 DPI optical sensor. All this translates into a truly excellent precision with practically instantaneous response times, fundamental when it comes to gaming, especially competitive gaming. To get the most we also have the NZXT CAM software

The NZXT CAM software

nzxt orange

The application Windows di NZXT CAMtotally free and downloadable HERE, is not essential to be able to use the Lift 2 Ergo but will certainly provide you with an extra edge in terms of customization of the mouse and any other NZXT peripherals. In fact, through the software you can change the number of DPI going beyond the 4 pre-set options, remap some of the Mouse Buttons, change the Polling Rate o still set the Lift Heightwhich is the distance to lift the mouse before it stops tracking.

These are certainly settings for professionals and the most demanding gamers, which demonstrates the company’s great attention to this versatile peripherals capable of adapting to any need.

NZXT Lift 2 Ergo

Our test of the Lift 2 Ergo from NZXT

Regarding our needs, We tested NZXT’s Lift 2 Ergo for this review for about 10 days during which it replaced our everyday mouse.

Let’s start by saying that the mouse looks excellent and we particularly appreciated the white color (in pendant con la nostra PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series S) and the solidity of the device overall. Its precision is truly excellent and the weight of just 61 grams makes it a mouse for everyone. About that, the mouse is sized for those who, like the person writing this review, have fairly large hands but given the weight (or rather lightness) it won’t put even those with smaller hands in difficulty. Furthermore, there is also an ambidextrous version to truly adapt to any need. Adaptability and versatility they are in fact the “killer heels” of this mouse, thanks also to the customization of the NZXT CAM software, complete and truly simple to use. So you can set up and customize everything before you start working…playing!

Obviously the Lift 2 Ergo moves best in the world of video games; we’ve used it with a full variety of games, from competitive, like Overwatch e League of Legendsto the quieter ones like Cyberpunk 2077 e Baldur’s Gate 3. In all cases, the mouse moved very well and with truly excellent precision.

NZXT’s Lift 2 Ergo review in brief

No, after trying the Lift 2 Ergo we didn’t become pro-players and we can’t even blame the mouse for our performance anymore. But if, unlike us, you have the skills and will to improve at competitive games, the Lift 2 Ergo by NZXT is certainly one of the most valid allies you could find in the world of gaming mice.

Lightness, efficiency and a really good design make it one of the best choices to make if you want to take your game to an advanced level. All at the more than competitive price of €59.99!

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