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NZXT N7 Z690 review: little big evolutionary step

NZXT N7 Z690 review. Same starting point, higher quality. Let’s discover the strengths and weaknesses of the NZXT major model

This NZXT N7 represents perhaps more the style of the brand, looking at both, if we hide the name, it is probably the most attributable to the brand, which has made Design a business card. And with these last two models it has done nothing but consolidate the trend. We can say in this case the difference lies in the details and in the small changes.

It is not easy to make a design upgrade, always remaining on the wave of minimal. NZXT is a master of this, especially when it comes to motherboards, the design difficulty increases. The upgrade is not represented only by the white body that covers the PCB, but from the skill that the brand has in creating products that are traceable and recognizable among many models. The N7 Z690 is an evolution of the N5, which represents a starting point. Two children of the same project. By base we do not mean the Design, let’s put that aside for a moment, but the layout of the PCB and in the choice of components. That said, let’s get to the heart of the review.

A general look | NZXT N7 Z690 review

Being two sides of the same coin, model N5 and N7we will avoid being too repetitive and redundant, for here being that in many things the two motherboards in question are similar, we refer you even before starting to read the review that we dedicated to the base model N5. Instead, we will focus here on highlighting the main differences that will favor this model compared to the N5 model.

We recognize the N7 immediately because of its pearl white “shield” that runs through the entire PCB. And the first differences lie right here. The heatsink design still retains easy access to the two M.2 slots with heatsink.

The PCB is in this case of higher quality, as we always have a PCB a 6 Layer, but with double layer of 2oz copper for the circuitry. This will result in greater signal cleaning with all the benefits that the choice entails. We then have the same configuration of couplings for fans compared to the N5 model, but in this case we find one more coupling, therefore 5, placed the latter in a strategic position at the bottom left.

In addition we have USB 3.2 Gen 2 × 2 ports on this model as far as the I / O panel is concerned, and instead on the USB 3.2 Gen 1 motherboard. More attention has been paid instead to the audio sector, because here we always find a design 8-Channel in HD, ma un Codec 32-bit /192KHz DAC grazie al Realtek ALC1220. And as far as the Wireless and LAN department is concerned, we have more capacitors available.

We continue the differences regarding the socket / CPU power field. Where NZXT has gone the extra mile to differentiate them. In this case we have a 12 + 1 configuration, i.e. 12 phases for VCORE and 1 for VCCGT. NZXT chooses in this case a higher quality PWM, a NCP81530a great Multi-Phase Controller with one interface I2C Dr.MOS. Nothing to say about this controller, a guarantee for its performance and support under load. Mosfets are also good, which are always gods NCP, i 302155, deliver 55A and are supported in parallel by Vishay SIX654CD (which in the N5 model were instead “alone” to manage everything). Then we have Japanese capacitors, by Nichicon, of the 60A capacitance and 0.22uH models.

Conclusions and price

In general, the same conclusions apply as for the minor model (which we remind you to refer to the review of the N5 for the relationships in common with this model) in terms of coupling with the CPU. Certainly the market positioning changes given the different nature of the product.

On the choice of Design, because it is obviously more captivating and steals the show more. On the power supply phases, where obviously, this card opens up more possibilities, both of choice of more powerful CPUs, and K series CPUs, with greater flexibility in terms of overclocking. So this motherboard can represent a quite interesting model due to the attractive design, the quality in terms of equipment and in case you have already purchased a fairly expensive DDR4 model recently, it is certainly worth the upgrade with this motherboard.

Less if you are building a PC from scratch to today. Introductory price should be around 279,44 euro, subject to market changes. For this review of NZXT N7 Z690 that was all, if you want to continue to know the latest news from the hardware world keep following us. Greetings from

Points in favor

  • Attention to detail
  • Endowment
  • Design

Points against

  • Only support DDR4
  • Some details
  • Prezzo

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