Oberhasli di deadmau5 pronto a mescolare videogiochi e musica su Core thumbnail

Obershali by deadmau5 ready to mix video games and music on Core

During the opening night of Gamescom, the well-known creator of electronic music deadmau5 announced that it was developing Oberhasli, an experience available on Core that mixes music and video games. Core is a platform designed exclusively for multiplayer video games and virtual worlds.

Oberhasli wants to be a real multiverse, a virtual space where fans can meet. The game world will be constantly evolving, with users being able to entertain themselves with music, games and other content. It will be deadmau5 to cure them.

The title will land on Core on October 14 this year, and will be inaugurated with an exclusive live musical performance by deadmau5 and other artists. We recall that Core, the platform on which the artist created his experience, was developed and is managed by Manticore Games.

Deadmau5’s words on Oberhasli and Core

Joel zimmerman, aka deadmau5, explained:

“For years I have been planning to create a world like Oberhasli, but I quickly realized how difficult it is to develop a multiplayer experience on your own. What’s great about Core is that anyone can contribute and create content, no matter what experience or resources they have. Virtual concerts have already been offered in the past, but the initial euphoria has waned and initiatives of this type have been short-lived. With Oberhasli I would like to create a permanent cornerstone for the artists’ metaverse, which is updated regularly, changes from time to time and is linked to real world news and ancillary events ”.

Frederic Descamps, managing director and co-founder of Manticore Games, said:

“We are very happy to work with deadmau5 again to bring this truly innovative project to life. We think the Metaverse will be built by thousands of creators, game developers and artists who can share unique interactive experiences with audiences and generate profits from their work. Oberhasli it is not a sponsored marketing gimmick, but a permanent stage that includes the entire universe of deadmau5 within Core ”.

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