Oculus Move, the fitness statistics can be consulted even without the VR viewer

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Oculus Move allows you to keep track of calories burned while you do fitness in VR, throwing punches with Liteboxer or dancing in Dance Central. But until now, you needed the Quest viewer to see your activity stats. Not anymore: you can always have an eye on your performance with themobile app for Oculus or with the app Salute from Apple.

Oculus Move, VR fitness that can also be consulted without a viewer

The VR Quest headset takes you to another world, but that doesn’t mean the movement you do while wearing the headset doesn’t tone your body. For this reason, the fitness tracker integrated into the Quest Oculus Move allows you to keep track of calories burned and minutes of training.

Until now, you could only consult it in the dedicated VR app. But now just connect the Move app with the‘app Oculus per Android e iOS, in order to synchronize everything. Even the goals you have set for the workout. Also, if you have an iOS device, you can sync your progress with theApple’s Health app. By monitoring your VR training even on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

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However, the statistics will be accessible for convenience, but will not limit your privacy. For example, they are not shareable via Facebook, Instagram o Messenger. Plus the timing is opt-in: if you want to activate it, perfect. Otherwise just do not connect the apps and the data will remain only on your viewer. And they will not be used for no advertising on Meta services.

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Find out more about the new Oculus Move feature on the official blog.

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