Oculus Publishing: The new name of Meta’s division for VR games

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Meta announced that its division dedicated to virtual reality games will now be called Oculus Publishing. This division will help several external developers launch VR games. With around 150 titles already in development.

Oculus Publishing, Meta’s division for VR games changes its name

Oculus Publishing should not be confused with Oculus Studios, which is the branch of the company that produces the exclusive games for its platforms. Oculus Publishing instead takes care of collaborating with external developers, offering them help in various aspects of creating VR games. These include the conceptualisation, financing, technical assistance and marketing.

The division is not brand new: it has already funded and supported it in the past over 300 VR titles, including hits like the VR version of Among Us, Bonelab e The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. However, the name change reflects Meta’s desire to further expand its catalog of VR games and give more exposure to partner developers.

Meta also revealed that Oculus Publishing currently has over 150 titles in development, which bodes well for the future of VR. It is rumored that this year will come the Quest 3, a more powerful and lightweight viewer than its predecessor and with mixed reality capabilities: having new titles could help sell the product. Furthermore, this could open up new possibilities for VR games, both in terms of graphics and interaction.

For now, users can enjoy more than 500 titles in the Meta Quest Store. Last year, Meta said the games and apps in the store had spawned over $1.5 billion in revenue. With 40 titles that had exceeded 10 million. In addition, the number of titles that had reached 20 million had doubled from the previous year.