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Oculux NXG253R review, 360 Hz gaming monitor

The monitor is now part of our daily experience with the PC. So much so that, despite being a separate device, we always consider it a unique thing with the rest of our work or gaming station. A monitor must therefore adapt to our space needs but, above all, it must be suitable for us and how we use our PC, more than the rest of the hardware we own.. What kind of monitor is the Oculux NXG253R, let’s find out with this review.

Our Oculux NXG253R review

If we wanted to reduce everything to the technological aspect, a monitor is nothing more than a luminous panel capable of displaying what is proposed to it through a VGA, HDMI or DP interface. So, in theory, we might as well make a list of its technical specs to be okay. AND, To be fair, MSI’s Oculux NXG253R has some great specsalso considering the price range where it is placed.

Screen 24.5″
Curvature Flat
Panel Type Rapid IPS
Resolution 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Brightness (nits) 400
Contrast 1000:1
Refresh Rate 360 Hz
Response time 1ms GTG
Dynamic Refresh Rate G-Sync
HDR support And
Video Interfaces 1xDisplay Port (1.4)
2xHDMI (2.0b)
Viewing angle 178°(H) 178°(V)
Colors 1.07B (8bits + FRC)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 560.1 x 399.3 x 233.7mm
Weight 6.47kg

We are therefore faced with a product from dimensions all in all contained (24 1/2 inches) but with one professional graphic rendering, both from the point of view of color and intensity (400 nits of brightness and 1000: 1 contrast). The video can reach a Full HD resolution with a very short response time (1 millisecond) thanks to a latest generation panel (Rapid IPS). In addition, HDR and G-Sync allow on the one hand maximize the use of colors and on the other hand to synchronize and make full use of the graphics card of our PC.

From the physical point of view we have a flat screen which can be used from up to 3 devices (two with HDMI connector and one DP)it is practically usable from any inclination and has a footprint of 56 x 40 x 23 centimeters.

The technical data, however, we all see it, have two major flaws: they are difficult to interpret and, often, do not really help us to understand if the monitor is right for us or not. So let’s try to do a little more in-depth analysis.

A product for eSports, without a doubt

MSI makes it clear: the Oculux NXG253R is a product that is aimed essentially at professional and semi-professional players. In fact, the main features that distinguish it are the panel refresh rate: 360 Hz and a very low delay in reproducing the image: one millisecond.

The refresh rate indicates the number of times per second that the screen image is refreshed. If the refresh rate is too low (below 20 Hz) it seems to see a jerky film and the effect is very annoying. With a very high frequency, however, due to how our eye works, we will not see a more fluid movement than normal, but we will be able to distinguish very clear and precise outlines even of objects that move rapidly. In online games this allows, among other things, to better aim at a moving enemy.

The delay in reproducing, on the other hand, is the time that elapses from the instant the graphics card asks to display an image until it appears on the screen. A standard screen (at 60 Hz) typically introduces a delay of about 17 milliseconds. Going from 17 to a millisecond is a big step forward for a player whose performance depends on reaction speed.

The monitor alone, however, is not enough

oculux nxg253r eesport review

What we have just described are characteristics that are highly sought after by a professional player, because they allow him to improve his performances. However, let us remember that the ability to perceive (and appreciate) the extreme performance of a monitor also depends on many external factors. Among these factors are predisposition, training, age, fatigue and the hardware of the PC we are using.

Having a monitor capable of updating itself 360 times per second it is of little use if we do not also have a graphics card capable of producing at least 360 different images every second. If the PC we connect to the monitor does not meet this requirement, we will not see significant improvements.

In order to better synchronize the graphics card and monitor, the Oculux NXG253R comes equipped with NVIDIA G-Sync technology. G-Sync is used to make the graphics card and the monitor go hand in hand (at the slower of the two) in order not to risk losing images and create visually unpleasant effects.

Reduction of delay times

oculux nxg253r latency review

To close this section let’s briefly talk about the last big problem of professional players: the reduction of delay times within a game. That is, the time that passes from when we press a key to when the corresponding action arrives on the screen. This generally has little to do with the monitor but depends on the optimization of our PC.

Nonetheless, the NXG253R is equipped to give us a hand even in this situation, thanks to a technology called NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer. The reflex analyzer takes advantage of the fact that the monitor can also be used as a USB hub. We can then connect the mouse or keyboard to one of the monitor ports and activate an option in the menu. Then, indicating on the screen which is the area affected by the visual effect of our click, we will overlay the statistics on the reaction times. From these statistics we will be able to understand if the PC needs to be further optimized.

And for those who are not a gaming professional?

The fact that it’s meant for eSports doesn’t stop the NXG253R from being a excellent monitor even for mixed use or whatever high level for a person who does not play.

First of all, the panel is extremely bright, so it can also be used in unfavorable light conditions. In a post-pandemic period where we continue to study and work from home, we all know this has a usefulness. Because our study (or, worse, the living room) was not designed to be an office from the point of view of light.

The bright panel and the very high refresh rate allow to obtain, through the Rapid IPS panel, absolutely crystal clear imagesand this is certainly also useful for those who create multimedia content, write texts or design with 3D software.

Added to what has just been said is the fact that the monitor is also HDRanother positive feature in itself, and which is useful for anyone in the use of video content.

Summing up, we are convinced that this monitor can be an excellent choice also for those who make a mixed use between work and play. Great for gaming, but with a number of features that make it attractive in the office as well. Considering the price range it sits on, one of the few compelling reasons to look elsewhere would be the fact that we absolutely need 4K resolution.

Beware of mixed use

It is true that a monitor is a monitor, but we would like to point out that if you want to take a monitor of this type you need a minimum of caution. Though it is more related to the functionality of HDR in general than to this specific hardware.

In general, enabling the HDR function on the graphics card has the effect of disabling the brightness and contrast control on the monitor. This happens on all monitors and serves to allow the panel to maximize the visual result. The brightness control is then left to the graphics card and operating system.

Unfortunately, during our tests, the adjustment did not always work. That is, using the Oculux NXG253R as a secondary display (or with a laptop) configured to extend the main monitor and with HDR enabled, then the software brightness control does not seem to work and always stays at maximum. Adding to this the fact that the office software has typically light backgrounds and the panel is very bright, it really felt like we were working with a spotlight in the eye.

Fortunately, the solution is very simple: turn off HDR while working and adjust the brightness to acceptable levels. When playing, XBox Gamebar provides us with the WIN-ALT-B combination to enable and disable HDR without having to enter the settings.

We were quite surprised by this problem, even if it was easy to solve; but we are also confident that it can be fixed with a software update.

Nice ergonomics, but with a few small burrs

oculux nxg253r ergonomy review

L’Oculux NXG253R ha excellent build quality: solid material and pleasant to the touch, design lines and aesthetically pleasing both front and back. This last thing should not be underestimated if our station is not facing a wall.

The edge of the panel is very thin, perhaps a little too much, if you have the webcam resting on it. The monitor flows well and has ample freedom to orient yourself on its support. There base, rectangular, is very stable without taking up excessive spaceso it can also be installed on a rise in such a way as to recover a support surface and force us to keep the back a little more straight (which will be good for the cervical).

Of two things, however, we remained rather …

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