Oddventure: the release is set for 2022

Oddventure was recently announced, an old school game inspired by a title like Earthbound and Undertale

Signed by Infamous Rabbit e Pineapple Works, Oddventure will be playable on Nintendo Switch e PC and its release was set for 2022. Also, a Kickstarter campaign to fund its development will kick off next May 6 and, to get an idea immediately, the demo playable is already present in the Steam. But now let’s get to the details of the title.

Oddventure: the details of the upcoming title

For the official release of Oddventure we will have to wait until 2022, as already mentioned above, but in the meantime the first images still show a clear inspiration for a historical title like Earthbound (another classic for SNES) and the more recent Undertale (an inexhaustible source of meme).

The title is therefore based on the vintage JRPG style where players will play the young Charlie, a rebellious teenager with many problems, alla search for his little brother Bonzo and, above all, the road to finally return home.

Everything will then be set in Kingdom of Luxia, a mixture of the tales of the Brothers Grimm and a nightmare, where every choice counts, you can die horribly and the currency is frog milk (are you still complaining about the old lire?). So will Charlie succeed in his enterprise? What are the oddities he will encounter in this absurd world (like Kingdom Hearts, but even darker)?

To answer all these questions, there is nothing left to do but get comfortable and wait patiently next year or else try the demo directly on Steam.

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