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Official: MacBook Air with M2 arrives on July 15th

Apple announces that the new MacBook Air con chip M2 can be ordered already from 2pm on July 8thonly to arrive on the market on 15th of July. Soon we will all be able to test the power of the new M2 chip live.

MacBook Air with M2 chip arrives on July 15th

We had already anticipated that the new Apple laptop was about to arrive. But now comes the official confirmation from Apple, which writes it directly on its website: you can pre-order the laptop from 14 on July 8. Orders will start on July 15th, when you can also find the MacBook Air with M2 chip also in Apple Stores.

With the new 13.6-inch notch-equipped display, which houses the improved 1080p webcam, the new MacBook Air takes a big step forward from the previous generation. One convenience that many will appreciate is the arrival of the MagSafewhich not only allows easier recharging but also frees one of the due porte USB-C Thunderbolt 3. Also find the 3.5mm headphone jackin case the four speakers weren’t enough.

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The M2 chip also enables performance 18% faster for the CPU than the M1. And above all, the capabilities of the GPU grow, with the graphics that improve by 35%while the Neural Engine is 40% faster.

Also important is the fact that M2 has ben 24GB from memory unified, while M1 had ‘only’ 16GB. And with SSD up to 2TB, the Air becomes even more a laptop for those who work and beyond.

The only negative note concerns the higher price compared to the United States and compared to the last edition, which however the laptop should fully justify. In fact, compared to the MacBook Pro 13 presented together with the Air, the latter seems to make a real generational leap. Those who don’t have to do graphics-intensive or play a lot (and therefore don’t need fans to cool), can be on the safe side.

What do you think about it? Will you buy the new Mac? Let us know in the comments.

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