Ogyre: la nuova piattaforma digitale per rendere ancora più trasparente la pulizia dei mari thumbnail

Ogyre: the new digital platform to make the cleaning of the seas even more transparent

Ogre, the startup born with the mission of creating a link between people and the ocean, applies a community-driven approach to environmental regeneration. It therefore allows anyone to collect marine litter with the help of a global network of 45 fishermen. Today announces the launch of its new digital platform, designed with the aim of bringing transparency and traceability to the circular marine waste collection chain.

Ogyre puts sustainability front and center with its new digital platform

Indeed, the new Ogyre platform will allow individuals and companies who choose to contribute to the cleaning of the sea monitor the entire waste life cycle, from fishing to disposal. Anyone who decides to “purchase” kilos of marine litters on ogyre.com/community will have access to a reserved area where they can observe the path of the kilos of marine litter collected in real time.

Not only that: he will be able to learn about the collection area (Brazil, Indonesia or Italy), and the stories of the fishermen involved in the activity. Each “catch” brings benefits not only to marine ecosystems, but also to local communities engaged in recovery activities. They obtain – thanks to Ogyre’s contribution – a subsidy in many cases equal to that deriving from normal fishing activities.


Ogyre uses blockchain to serve the seas

The platform will also soon be enriched with a further technological element to guarantee transparency and traceability: the blockchain. Thus, each collection operation can be not only accounted for, but also certified, in line with the most recent innovations in the field of sustainability and waste disposal.

A technological evolution that also goes to benefit of companies, increasingly the main stakeholder of collection projects. “There are more and more companies choosing to contribute to the sea, and more and more often the contributions are not only placed within CSR projects, but become a way to engage internal (for example employees) and external communities (e.g. customers). This is what he said Antonio Augeri di Ogyre.

Goes on. “Also in this case technology comes to our aid: ‘digitalising’ the collection process and the recovery chain, in fact, allows us to offer companies and institutional interlocutors the possibility of ‘transferring’ the caught waste to their own communities. And so the cases in which companies decide to give “kilos of marine waste caught from the sea” to employees and customers, involving them in the recovery activity, are increasingly frequent. A mechanism in full line with Ogyre’s goal of making the collection model community driven”.

Thanks to the new platform, therefore, Ogyre wants to make the relationship with its community even stronger and more solid, in order to build a better future for the planetstarting right from the protection of the sea.

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