Oisoi Studio announces Painting VR – Are you ready to unleash your art?

Oisoi Studio annuncia Painting VR - Siete pronti a scatenare la vostra arte? thumbnail

Painting VR is available for all fans! Are you ready to relax and unleash your creativity by putting copious amounts of fresh paint on a canvas? Then get ready to learn the basics of colors, the painting process and master the art of composition with great skill. So, we just have to discover together further details of this proposal of Oisoi Studio.

Painting VR di Oisoi Studio

Do you want to become a digital artist? Think you have what it takes for the creative arts? Well, then here is Painting VR by Oisoi Studio for you. Thanks to this title you can experiment with multiple techniques and make use of unique tools. Once your work is finished, you can share your work with the Painting VR community or even with the whole world! Of course, all without having to worry about cleaning up afterwards!


  • Familiar, but new – VR painting is an evolved painting. In fact, you can create extraordinary art by blending centuries-old techniques with the latest technological advances. There is no “undo” in real life, but there is one in Painting VR!
  • A relaxing experience – Using a combination of visual, audio and tactile elements, digital artists will be immersed in a relaxing and satisfying creative experience.
  • A large selection of brushes and tools – A spray can, brushes, paint rollers, markers, and even a customizable drill equipped with a magnetic brush? We have it all!
  • Choose or mix paint colors – Dip the brush in the bucket of your choice and mix the colors to get the desired effect. You can even use the color picker feature to pick colors from your canvas!
  • Browser web in-game – Listen to your favorite songs, watch online tutorials or get inspired by entering (random) words in the image search engine.
  • Personalize the study – Find the studio setup that works best for you and save it! Put your favorite art on the walls and personalize your workplace.

So, for more images or information, we refer you to the official product page.

Painting VR 2

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