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Old Man’s Journey+ and SpongeBob SolitairePants are available on Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade welcomes two brand new titles: Old Man’s Journey+ e SpongeBob SolitairePants, along with an update for an equally important game. Let’s find out all the details together.

Old Man’s Journey+ and SpongeBob SolitairePants are available on Apple Arcade

SpongeBob SolitairePants it’s fun and one of a kind Lonely. It also features iconic characters and themes from Nickelodeon’s hit show in three game modes: Mission, Classical e Multiplayer Battle.

The game was created by the 19 year old Brayden Gogis, which has been developing games and apps since the second grade. The whiz boy has created several applications available on the App Store, including Solisquare and Blending Board, published under the name of Chain Reaction Games.

Always a fan of SpongeBob, SpongeBob SolitairePants is Brayden’s dream project, which he has studied in detail lots of content e materials related to the seriesselected the voice actors and also enjoyed a fill the game with references.

However, this is not the only title available on Apple Arcade because also the award-winning and acclaimed jewel of indie gaming Old Man’s Journey+ finally joins the Masterpieces collection of the App Store. From Viennese developers Broken Rulesalso creators of the award-winning eco-themed title “Gibbon: Beyond the Trees”, Old Man’s Journey+ is apuzzle adventure which invites you to immerse yourself in curious and relaxing puzzles and to explore the complexities of life through the eyes of the elderly protagonist, amidst sorrows, broken dreams and hopes.

Also Skate City, a fan-favorite game, gets a major update, with a new city available. Players will be able to speed through the streets of the iconic neighborhood Venice in Los Angeles, one of the birthplaces of modern skateboard culture.

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