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On Android, less used apps will consume less space

Little-used apps will soon consume less on Android: comes there Auto Archive functionwhich “freezes” applications to allow for make free space on the device. An important novelty, especially for older smartphones and with more modest resources.

Android Auto-Archive, apps will consume less space

An interesting novelty comes from the Android developer blog: the possibility of automatically archive apps which are not used often. This feature, already present on iOS devices, allows you to save storage space without having to delete apps.

Basically, apps that haven’t been used for a long time will come deactivated and they will take up less space on your device. When the user wants to use the app again, you can easily reactivate it. This process is different from uninstall, which requires you to re-download the app from the Play Store. All information remains on the smartphone – it will only take a few more moments to start up.

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To access this feature, users will need to go to play store and search for apps that support auto archive. Developers will choose whether or not to enable this function for their apps. It is estimated that AutoArchive can reduce the space occupied by an app by up to 60%.

Apps that consume less and take up less space

This feature is a way to optimize the storage space on your Android device. Free up storage space, in fact, has a impact on overall performance of the device – smartphones will work better, even if perhaps in a little perceptible way in daily use.

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In order to use this function, developers will need to update apps that support it through the system App Bundle by Google. This system allows developers to publish their apps more efficiently and securely. If an app doesn’t use the App Bundle system, it won’t be able to offer the automatic app archive feature.

When you install or update an app that supports the auto-archive apps feature, you will be asked if you want to activate it or not. You can choose to enable or disable it at any time from the Play Store.

By activating the function, apps you haven’t used for a long time will be stored on your device. Archived apps will be visible on the home screen with a cloud icon which sets them apart from other apps. To reactivate an archived app, just tap it and wait for it to download again. This is a very handy way to manage the storage space on your device, especially if you have a lot of apps installed.

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