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On Google the Russians are looking for how to ’emigrate’

Google Trends shows how i Russian citizens have searched for the term ‘emigrate‘and the like, causing a surge in searches. But any other term pales in comparison to keyword ukraine, with the population interested in the conflict despite the assurances of the Kremlin. With the hope that real information will leak behind the curtain of pro-Putin propaganda.

Google Trends: Russians are looking for ways to ’emigrate’

Google Trends allows you to evaluate how much research on a given topic is growing relatively. It is not necessarily the finest of tools, as finding absolute terms is difficult. But it does show when there are peaks of interest in a topic. And searches can be rated by country.

As he reports on Instagram Torcharecently the term ‘emigrate‘ (in Russian emigrate) has seen a spike in searches. Since February 20, when the Kremlin deployed its troops on the Ukrainian border, searches have increased dramatically. Something that after the announcement of the ban on Moscow planes to fly over Europe it becomes even more difficult.

Since the conflict began, flights to Russia have been blocked due to reciprocal sanctions. So the many Russians who are protesting Putin and his decision to invade Ukraine cannot emigrate to Europe, despite the research. The fact that the first “associated query” to the word is “Where can I emigrate from Russia”Suggests that they may, however, move towards Asia or other neighboring nations.

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Any research however pales when compared with Ukraine, Ukraine. It seems that the Russian population is very interested in the conflict. Someone certainly triumphant, as the Russian propaganda portrays him. But the large number of searches suggests that there are also many looking for more truthful information than the Kremlin releasede.

However, we point out that the search engine is widely used in Russia Yandex, so the Google searches could come from a more “pro-Western” group of people than the average sentiment in the country. But it still seems to us an important fact to point out, to remember chand no nation is a monolith. While unfortunately the arrests for those who protest the war in Russia continue to increase.

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