On Instagram, it is now possible to comment with GIFs

Su Instagram è ora possibile commentare con le GIF thumbnail

The feature that delighted boomers on Facebook has now arrived on Instagram: comments with GIFs! From today it is in fact possible to comment on posts using pre-set graphic elements. However, the feature is not already available to all users, but don’t worry: it should be introduced globally in the coming weeks.

It must be said that Instagram has always been the social network of the most traditionalist Meta group in this sense. The platform always has favored a basic interaction with the contentsallowing you to like, write text comments and use emoticons. Unlike Facebook, in fact, it is not possible to comment with multimedia files (such as photos, videos and, of course, GIFs).

GIFs are preparing to invade the comments section of Instagram

Starting today some lucky users may notice that a new icon has appeared in the post comments box. The procedure is not very different from that of stories, where it has been possible to leave a comment via GIF for some time. Once you click on theGIF icon in comments, some generic (or recently used) ones will be shown but, thanks to the search bar, it will be possible to choose the one we want. In essence, the interface is similar to what happens on WhatsApp chats.

Obviously the GIFs are part of a precise catalog (in this case GIPHY), as well as Stories, so you might not find the specific GIF you’re looking for.

If the GIF icon doesn’t appear in the comments box, don’t despair. First check if you have any pending updates (the Instagram app must be updated to the latest version). If the app is updated and still no GIFs then just wait, soon the feature will be active for all users.

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