Instagram: dopo le storie arrivano i post solo per gli amici più stretti thumbnail

On Instagram it will be possible to publish stories for specific groups of users

On Instagram it will be possible to publish stories for specific groups of thumbnail users

Instagram had already introduced the feature Closest friendswhich allows you to show certain stories only to a selected group of users. Now this feature seems to be expanding, with social media that will allow you to create several lists of accounts, to which it will be possible to decide whether to show your contents.

What changes for Instagram stories?

The ability to create and maintain multiple lists allows you to better manage your privacy and personal use of social media. For example, you can decide to create a list of only family members, only friends and only colleagues, so as to decide from time to time who to show your stories to.

“This allows you to share stories with smaller groups and have more control over who can see your stories,” explained Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram (via Engadget). “As someone who often uses close friends, I’m excited to be able to create more lists for the people in my life.”

It is worth noting that, despite being presented by Adam Mosseri, the functionality is still in the experimental phase. We therefore do not know if and when this will arrive for all Instagram users

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