On Instagram you can limit posts and Reels to Close Friends

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Instagram has expanded its function Closest friends from Stories to post e ai Reels in your feeds, allowing you to narrow the reach of your social content. This means that it will be possible to share Reels and publish posts aimed at a wider audience restricted e selectedrather than to all followers.

Instagram, you can limit posts and Reels to Close Friends

According to the team of Instagramaccording to what Engadget reports, people use the list of Closest friends “as a pressure-free space to connect with the people who matter most.” Expanding on this option To Reels and feed posts, the developers hope to offer “more options to be authentic on Instagram, while still having control over who can see your content.”

Share a post or Reel exclusively with Closest friends it’s very simple. While creating content, just tap the “Public“, to select “Closest friends” and then tap “Share“. The post or Reel will appear with a label featuring a green star. A distinctive sign for the members of your list Closest friends who will have exclusive access to this content.

With this change, the selection of Closest friends becomes identical for all Instagram features. However, the platform has looked for other ways to allow users to share their content with an audience selected.

Last month, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri revealed that his team was experimenting with a system that would allow users to share stories with different subsets of followers. This will allow you to better direct content to groups of followers. For example, an influencer might create different content for his audience, friends and family, or selections thereof. We will keep you informed.

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