On Messenger comes a section dedicated to calls

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In recent months theMessenger app has become a useful tool for free voice and video calls. Precisely for this reason, Meta has decided to review the design of the platform, adding a section dedicated to “Calls” at the bottom of the App. In this way, users will be facilitated in making or receiving calls to their contacts. Let’s see how.

Messenger: App adds a tab dedicated to audio and video calls

Another news from Meta, which is adding a new “Calls” section to the Messenger App, so as to make the user experience easier. Located next to the “Chat” and “Stories” tabs, this will allow you to Quickly access your contact list. And will present separate buttons for voice and video calls. A rather subtle change, which serves more than anything else to make Messenger look like a messaging app like WhatsApp. In addition, this new system will allow users to call a contact directly without having to do too many steps, making the platform more intuitive even for those who have never used it.

In this regard, let us also say that the choice of Meta is anything but casual. According to the company, in fact, the audio and video calls on the Messenger App are increased by 40% since the beginning of 2020. At the beginning of this year, in fact, Meta has expanded the functionalities available for its encrypted messages, adding reactions, stickers, forwarding possibilities and so on. On the other hand, the company’s plan is to make the end-to-end encryption by default for Facebook and Instagram in 2023. In short, the company’s goal is to make Messenger as optimal as possible for use by users. And, apparently, it is doing it in the best possible way.