On Netflix there is a boom in cancellations after the blocking of shared accounts

Su Netflix è boom di cancellazioni dopo il blocco degli account condivisi thumbnail

It’s been exactly 7 days since Netflixon May 23, 2023, put an end to the practice of shared accounts for good. Today the streaming giant is facing the first consequences of the maneuver, with the anger and frustration of users, many of whom have already canceled their subscription, reiterating it on social media.

In fact, the hashtag has become trendy on Twitter #CancelNetflixwith hundreds of subscribers who have shared the screenshot of their cancellation.

We remind you that anyone who wants to share their Netflix password with a person who is not part of the household (i.e. you and those who live with you), will have to pay an additional cost of € 4.99 per month.

Netflix blocks shared accounts: the reaction of the web (and Prime Video)

In recent days, Prime Video has also made fun of its main competitor, publishing a post in which it makes fun of the blockade implemented by Netflix. All under a tweet from 2017, when Netflix wrote: “love means sharing the password”. Those were definitely different times and different policies.

Netflix had obviously predicted a massive exodus as a result of the decision, but we don’t know if their predictions were better or worse than what is actually happening.

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“Based on our experience in Latin America, we expect some opt-out reaction in each market upon the introduction of paid sharing, which impacts membership growth in the near term,” a Netflix spokesperson explained early on. of this year.

Below is a series of tweets from the #CancelNetflix hashtag.

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