On The Road 96: documentary available

On The Road 96: disponibile il documentario thumbnail

Ravenscourt and DigixArt have released the documentary On The Road 96. A feature film that followed the trials and exploits of this incredible independent studio as it strived to complete and publish its now critically acclaimed procedural narrative adventure, Road 96.

On The Road 96

Financial challenges, Covid 19 and impending deadlines they made development anything but a health walk

“I wanted to document the team’s incredible journey, which has become much bigger than the original idea” he has declared Yoan Fanise, CEO and Creative Director of DigixArt.

“I hope it gives our fans a taste of the passion that we as a studio have poured into our projects.”

The launch trailer

Almost two minutes of video to trace the atmosphere of this adventure, with a focus, a special retrospective that inevitably launches and creates the right hype around the documentary. A mix between real world and virtual developments: all to be experienced.

Road 96 su Steam (link)

Road 96 is set in Petria, a suffering city battered by a difficult past and by upcoming elections that herald an even more complicated period for the city and its inhabitants. The housekeeper Tyrak it holds the city in a steel grip and popular discontent has reached very high levels. While the adults have “adapted” to the anything but serene climate of the city, the teenagers of Petria, moved by the thirst for freedom, they abandon their homes and their families to reach the end of Road 96. It is one of the main roads that ends at the heavily controlled nation’s border to prevent the exodus of young people.