Su Twitter arrivano le etichette per gli account bot thumbnail

On Twitter come the labels for bot accounts

As early as last September, Twitter tested adding labels to recognize bot accounts on the platform. An experiment that has been successful, enough to convince the platform to make this function available to all developers. From now on, therefore, all Twitter bot accounts will be marked with a labelboth on the profile and on the social media feed.

Twitter: Bots will be marked with a label

Starting this week, Twitter bots will be marked with a specific label, which will be made available to all developers that use the platform API. However, account owners will need to consent to the acknowledgment being applied. In this way, users will be able to recognize the automated accounts, which will also allow the bots themselves to collect the success they deserve, without being penalized for what they are.

Twitter bot

We tend to be used to recognizing a bot account as a negative element. It is not uncommon, in fact, that profiles of this type are used to spread false and biased news. Yet, as announced by a spokesperson for the platform, bots on Twitter are subject to the automated account policy. With the new functionality, however, the platform will not check accounts who choose to apply the new labels, although people can report accounts they believe may violate the rules.

Aside from that, we also know that Twitter is working on a label to commemorate the people who are no longer around. A novelty that was supposed to be introduced in 2021, but which has not yet been released by the App. The reason? We do not know, especially considering that the company has not commented on it. In the meantime, therefore, let’s be content with being able to recognize bots.

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