One Piece Live-Action: will there be a new season? Speak the cast

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The cast of the series responds to the possibility of a new season of the live-action, One Piece. Available on the Netflix platform; inspired by the hugely popular Japanese manga by Eiichiro Oda

The crew led by the Straw Hat has returned to stir the spirits of travellers; in a truer and fleshier guise. We are talking about One Piece, debuted on the platform Netflix last August 31 in the form of Live-Action, enjoying considerable success right from the start. Coming to light after 6 years of long work, it immediately made the web and the most loyal fans chat about a possible new season.

The question is legitimate if we think of the first few episodes contained in the first season compared to the 1066 episodes of the anime. To give an ideal answer on the duration of One Piece, it is the cast itself. Inspired by the hugely popular Japanese manga by Eiichiro Oda; let’s find out below the statements of Inaki Godoy, Mackenyu, Emily Rudd, Jacob Gibson e Taz Skylar.

One Piece Live-Action: the statements of the cast on the new season

Having received great reception from the public; the live-action One Piece seems ready for a new season. While there hasn’t been any official confirmation yet on the new season; the same cast has declared itself in favor of continuing the journey in the blue of the Oceans to discover hidden worlds and treasures.

As stated by the same Taz Skylar (Sanji’s interpreter) on the future of the new season:

I’d like it to be exactly as long as it takes to make sure that the ending is all about us, and by all of us I mean not just the five of us, but everyone involved. I want everyone to be proud of the ending. I don’t want it to end anytime soon, and I don’t want it to last long. This is my ideal.

Godoy and Mackenyu also follow:

I agree! I have nothing to add. It was the best answer that could be given

As the official synopsis of the Netflix series also states:

ONE PIECE is a legendary sea adventure like no other. Monkey D. Luffy is a young adventurer who has always dreamed of a life of freedom. Luffy sets out from his small village to embark on an incredible journey in search of a legendary treasure, the ONE PIECE, to become the Pirate King. But, to find the loot, Luffy will have to assemble the crew he’s always wanted and find a ship to set sail on, scouring every inch of the vast seas, escaping the Marines, and outsmarting dangerous rivals at every turn.

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