OneOdio Fusion A70 review: small and powerful

Recensione OneOdio Fusion A70: piccole e potenti

In this review we will get to know the Fusion A70, OneOdio’s hybrid headphones, designed for DJs, but which adapt to any occasion

The headphone market never stops expanding. A new pair is baked every day, ready to try and deliver best possible experience from every point of view. One Hate, one of the leading companies in the sector, has always set itself the goal of guaranteeing excellent quality not only from the acoustic point of view, but also from the comfort point of view. We had previously had the opportunity to review some products, such as the OneOdio Monitor 60 and their older sisters, the Monitor 80. In this review instead we will see the OneOdio Fusion A70and hybrid model designed primarily for audiophiles, but not only. Let’s find out together.

Data sheet

  • Weight: about 245 g
  • Design: Over-ear
  • Driver: 40 mm
  • Impedance: 32 Ω
  • Sensitivity: 110±3 dB
  • Frequency range: 20-40000 Hz
  • Microphone sensitivity: -42±3 dB
  • Connectivity: cavi jack da 3,5 mm e 6,35 mm / Bluetooth 5.2
  • Drums: 650 mAh
    • time: 72 ore
    • Reload: about 2.5 hours

OneOdio Fusion A70 review: small and powerful

Design and Packaging – OneOdio Fusion A70 Review

The headphones arrive in a very small box. This is possible thanks to the resealable structure of the same. Along the walls of the box we find the representation of the Fusion A70 with information relating to the specifications of the same and the contents inside the package. Here we will also find, in addition to headphones, one transport baga user guide, a 3.5mm jack cable with microphoneand micro-USB cable for charging and another cable with double jack from 6.35 and 3.5 mm.

The headphones look very similar to the others we have analyzed in the past. However, unlike the Monitor 60, these are much smaller; just think that between the two models there is one difference of about 75 g that does not leave you indifferent. The Fusion A70s are characterized by two swivel brackets that allow you to close the headphones when not in use. These are connected to each other via a headband covered with a really soft padding which allows you to spend hours in comfort.

The bow, however, turns out to be slightly short. To fully enjoy the experience and find the two units perfectly on the ears, I had to open the sliders to the maximum. So if you have a big enough head, you will find yourself quite bad with these headphones. Leaving aside this inconvenience, the two units have a slightly elongated shape; contrary to the previous models seen above, these perfectly respect the over-ear model.

To protect our ears we find two padding with imitation leather covering that gives a touch of elegance, but which makes them extremely hot, especially for the summer period. The right pavilion presents the commands that can be used in Bluetooth modea light that indicates the state of charge and operation of the Fusion A70 and the 3.5 mm jack connector. The right one, on the other hand, is equipped with the 6.35 mm jack connector and of micro-USB socket for charging.

OneOdio Fusion A70 review: small and powerful

Fit – OneOdio Fusion A70 Review

As mentioned earlier in this review on the OneOdio Fusion A70, the headphones are not suitable for those with a rather important head. Except for this detail, the fit is the best, guaranteeing hours and hours of use without any particular problem. Finally the company has decided to create elongated pavilions. This allows you to comfortably insert our ear insidewithout the padding going to compress it.

The padding, although not as striking as those of the Monitor 60, guarantee softness on the contact points. The leatherette upholstery of the same also it also guarantees good insulation, making all external sounds at medium-high volumes completely null. The possibility of being able to connect headphones with one of the two cables to our devices allows us to choose which pavilion to use for wiring. If we are with the laptop or the PC, we can connect the closest pavilion to our computer. In this way the wire will not act as much of a bulk and will give us a little more mobility.

OneOdio Fusion A70 review: small and powerful

Two Interchangeable Modes – OneOdio Fusion A70 Review

Whether you are a cable or wireless lover, these headphones will meet your needs. Often and willingly we are forced to use two pairs of headphones: a wired one for PC and various peripherals and a wireless one to listen to the audio of the smartphone or TV in comfort without having physical limitations. With the Fusion A70 we will be able to switch from one mode to another without worries. But let’s go in order and start with the wireless one.

The connection with the various devices is almost immediate, thanks above all to the Bluetooth 5.2. This also guarantees good reception even if the device is not located very close or if there is some wall in between. It will then be possible move comfortably around the house without significant signal loss. We can also connect two devices at the same timeso as to use one or the other according to our needs.

In this way the battery will last very long. Using it in various contexts, including online lessons, listening to music and watching movies and TV series, we reached a daily use of 7-8 hours and only recharged them after 8 days. We have therefore not arrived at the 72 hours declared by the company, but we all know that that is a very variable value that depends on various factors. However, we can be satisfied with such a wide use which will allow anyone to take them on the road without having to remember the special charging cable.

Although this phase takes about 2.5 hours to fully recharge, you can still use your headphones in wired mode even with 0% battery. As mentioned before, you can connect the pavilion that suits you best thanks to the double cable supplied; doing it with the 3.5 mm one you will also have the built-in microphone which will allow you to talk to your friends. In short, two easily interchangeable modes.

OneOdio Fusion A70 review: small and powerful

But how do they feel? – OneOdio Fusion A70 review

We have probably come to the most important paragraph of this review, the one relating to the quality of the OneOdio Fusion A70. Whether wirelessly or wired, the audio quality is very good indeed, although it looks a bit better with the cable. THE driver da 40 mm they do their job fully, with one predilection for bass. The latter in fact will result more full-bodied and powerful compared to high-pitched sounds.

Despite this disparity, however, we will be able to listen well to the entire acoustic range of each song. Even in games these headphones do a good job, especially in FPS where we will hear the footsteps of the opponents with extreme clarity. Although this is not their field, they were able to fully satisfy our needs, although a bit higher quality is required for competitive levels. We remained pleasantly surprised by the microphones too even if the quality cannot be defined as excellent or equal to that of professional microphones. Both on call and in an audio chat the voice was always clearexcept for one slight muffling due to the attenuation of external noises.

OneOdio Fusion A70 review: small and powerful

Have a good listening!

We have now reached the end of this review on the OneOdio Fusion A70 and it is therefore time to take stock. These headphones are characterized by the usual elegant design that distinguishes the company and that we have learned to appreciate over time. The weight of around 245g, while not making them one of the lightest around, doesn’t affect the overall experience. We can therefore wear them for hours without realizing it, thanks also to the padding. The latter, however, being covered in imitation leather, tend to overheat the area, especially in the summer period we are going to meet.

The audio quality is not in the least questioned. You can enjoy the whole acoustic range very well, with an eye in particular for the basses that are slightly emphasized without however covering the other higher tones. We will therefore have a warmer sound which makes them good companions even during game sessions with various fps. In short, a really good product considering also that you can use them freely while you go around thanks to the double function wired and wireless.

You can buy these headphones on the official website for only € 67.95, a more than fair price for quality and functionality. That’s all for this review on the OneOdio Fusion A70. In order not to miss any future news related to the hardware universe, keep following the pages of!

Points in favor

  • Sound
  • Easy to carry
  • Double mode
  • Value for money
  • Fit …

Points against

  • … even if too hot for the period
  • Small for some
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