OnePlus svela il design di OnePlus 12R

OnePlus svela il design di OnePlus 12R thumbnail

OnePlus has released a preview image showing the design of OnePlus 12R, the second device in the OnePlus 12 series and the first in the OnePlus R lineup to launch globally. The company will launch the device on January 23, 2024.

OnePlus 12R, smartphone design revealed

OnePlus 12R comes with two unique colors, Cool Blue e Iron Gray. The Cool Blue shade gives a bright and fresh look to the device, while the Iron Gray version is characterized by a matte appearance, conveying a feeling of sophistication and robustness.

Both variants have a matte metal framewith convenience Alert Slider di OnePlus on the left of the phone. This shift has allowed OnePlus to introduce a new integrated antenna system, which should ensure better performance during use.

The OnePlus R Series began in 2021 with OnePlus 9R, followed by OnePlus 10R in 2022 e OnePlus 11R nel 2023. But so far, the company had launched these products only in India and China.

They were created to offer users a mobile gaming experience and high-level performance, while maintaining an affordable price. Now, in response to the growing demand for the world’s most advanced mobile gaming, OnePlus has decided to bring the R series to Nord America e in Europa.

After ten years of commitment, the OnePlus 12 series promises great performance, quality photography and an attractive design. But we will be able to try these two devices, OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R, after the launch event”OnePlus Smooth Beyond Belief” scheduled for 3pm on January 23, 2024Italian time.

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