OnlyFans assures: it will remain open to “adult” content

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After the platform nearly banned sexually explicit content a year ago, many creators (and their fans) were left in doubt. But the CEO of OnlyFans Ami Gan unambiguously confirmed that i “adult” content will remain on OnlyFans “Even in five years”. Reassuring those who have opened a profile on the user-generated content platform in recent years.

Adult content will remain on OnlyFans in the future as well

Launching a tech startup can lead to success, but it also requires a lot of work. And part of that work is finding investors to keep growing. OnlyFans is a platform that allows fans to access exclusive content from your favorite creators and influencers upon payment of a subscription. And since her birth, she has often been used to create “Adult content”: Several celebrities from the world of pornography have created an account to offer (more or less) explicit videos and images behind the paywall.

It’s not all OnlyFans users: there are also creators who stay dressed all the time. But the platform is mostly known for this and some investors would preferred a change of image. For this reason, last summer the news of a ban for sexually explicit contents arrived.

But after less than a week, mainly due to the complaints of creators and fans on the platform, the platform changed the decision.

Insurance for creators

Speaking at the TechCrunch Disrupt event, the CEP Ami Gan wanted to confirm that OnlyFans does not want to be just a site dedicated to pornography, but one platform where fans can support creators in exchange for exclusive content. But he also assured that among these creatives there will also be those who produce content sexually explicit.

OnlyFans executives don’t talk about how important adult content is on the platform: “We should look at every transaction on the platform and we don’t collect that data,” explains Gan. But analysts think explicit content is one large chunk of OnlyFans revenues.

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Content creators on OnlyFans take 80% of how much fans donate, while the platform retains 20%. Earnings for those who open an account can be very high, as recently explained by the “italic teacher” Elisa Esposito on TikTok. But the stigma towards those who create content for adults still weighs a lot psychologically, with the influencer reporting several attacks in the comments of his social networks for this decision. Something that platform executives and investors also seem to hear, given last year’s decision.

The CEO’s reassurance, however, attests that beyond the opinions of ‘right-thinking’ people around the world, creators of sexually explicit content they will have a platform to work. On the contrary: Gan said they are increasingly working to ensure of respect the age limits for sexually explicit content in various countries. In this way, there is no risk of minors accessing adult content. And adults who are not interested, simply can avoid entering the platform.