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Onyx BOOX annuncia Note air3 C e Tab Ultra C Pro

Il Note air3 C represents a innovative E Ink notebookwhich maintains the classic design of the Note air series but introduces significant improvements, including a black and white display from 300ppi and a color display Kaleido3 da 150ppi. This device has been further improved with the addition of a handwriting film and an ultra-thin glass panel, allowing users to experience an extraordinary paper-like reading and writing sensation. Additionally, the BOOX Note air3 C offers an eye-friendly display, making the reading experience even gentler on the eyes.

Another distinctive feature of this device is its full color screen, which differs from traditional E Ink devices. This color screen allows users to better understand content, read with ease and make more detailed and enlightening notes.

The BOOX Note air3 C is powered by the Android operating system, which opens up a world of possibilities with access to third-party apps and resources. This operating system offers flexibility and customization, allowing users to tailor the device to their specific needs.

Onyx BOOX annuncia Note air3 C e Tab Ultra C Pro

Tab Ultra C Pro: una potente workstation E Ink

Il Tab Ultra C Pro is configured as one powerful E Ink workstationequipped with a Qualcomm octa-core processor that reaches a speed of 2.8GHza camera from 16MP equipped with LED flash and generous memory 6GB+128GB with a microSD card slot.

This device was designed with the needs of professionals looking for maximum productivity in mind. The included magnetic keyboard, complete with a built-in trackpad, gives users an amazing E Ink working experience flexible.

Technology BSR (Boox Super Refresh) advanced, supported by a powerful octa-core processor capable of reaching speeds of up to 2.8GHzreduces latency and allows four customizable update modes to optimize the speed not performance based on specific needs. Furthermore, the magnetic cover with premium keyboard and dual-angle stand creates a PC-like experience on a tablet, allowing you to stay productive on the go.

The keyboard is standard dimensions and includes a integrated trackpad for smooth navigation and smart gestures to complete tasks quickly.

The Tab Ultra C Pro also offers extraordinary ease of use writing and organizationwith advanced features for split-screen and multitasking, the note conversion and more.

Users can easily capture important informationorganize your ideas, e annotate and mark documents. There cloud sync allows you to easily access and manage crucial information and ideas.

Regarding availability and prices, the BOOX Note Air3 C it is available on Amazon, and bundled with magnetic cover and Pen Plus on al recommended price of €549.99. Il BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro will be available from the end of October to recommended price of €699.99including one cover standard e Pen2 Pro.

The cover with keyboard It has a list price of €169.99, but can be purchased with one 40% discount if purchased together with Tab Ultra C Pro.

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