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Onyx BOOX Note air3 C and Tab Ultra C Pro, price and features

Onyx International announces the release of two new devices: the BOOX Note air3 Ca color E Ink notebook, e BOOX Tab Ultra C Prowhich brings the experience of E Ink work on another level. Both models debut with the new version of the BOOX firmware, the v3.5which offers annotation features and improves the overall experience.

Onyx BOOX Note air3 C and BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro, price and features

BOOX Note air3 C maintains the classic design of the series Note air (which we really liked in the Note air2 Plus). But it features significant improvements, including an in-display 300ppi black and white and a 150ppi Kaleido3 color screen. The combination of a handwriting film and an ultra-thin glass panel gives users a paper-like reading and writing experience.

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The BOOX Note air3 C’s full color screen allows you to read and annotate various media files, from magazines to comics, as well as web pages. In fact, you can access all the features and apps of the Android operating systemwhich provides great flexibility.

Onyx BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro

BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro instead becomes a real E Ink workstation. It does, in fact, have a processor Qualcomm octa-core 2.8GHz, a 16MP camera with LED flash and 6GB of RAM with 128GB of internal memory, with a microSD card slot. Furthermore, it has a Magnetic keyboard with a built-in trackpadoffering a flexible E Ink working experience.

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The new version of firmware BOOX, la v3.5, offers additional features to simplify annotations and improve note organization. Like the function SmartScribewhich allows users to annotate books with handwritten notes and easily convert annotations, highlights or underlines.

Then there is no shortage Display optimizations for the Tab and Palma series, with a high-contrast reading mode too. And then an enhanced note system, which allows you to navigate between different links with a long press, making it easier to organize your thoughts.

Price and availability

BOOX Note air3 C It is available on Amazon and on the official ONYX International website at the recommended price of €549.99, with magnetic cover and Pen Plus bundled in the store. Instead, BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro it will be available from the end of October at the recommended price of €699.99which includes a cover standard and the penna Pen2 Pror. You can purchase the keyboard cover at a 40% discount if purchased together with the Tab Ultra C Pro.

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